How Can White Label VoIP Work for You | Private Label VoIP

White Label VoIP solutions are one among many communication technologies that are taking the digital world by storm. While raising the bar for organizational connectivity, they offer wide ranging benefits to small and mid-sized companies either as end users or aspiring resellers.

What can White Label VoIP Do for Customers?

Real time and high quality communication is what unifies an organization. White Label VoIP applications are fast becoming a favorite choice of VoIP customers who are looking for more practical alternatives to traditional landline phone systems. Let’s see why.

Work with a simple and cost-saving infrastructure. White Label VoIP is a service that can be accessed from White Label Communications servers. Purchasing and maintaining expensive proprietary infrastructure like hardware and software are no longer necessary. Voice over IP thus offers a high technology yet economical communication solution for interconnectivity within and outside an organization. It can be integrated into existing business networks in a seamless fashion while benefitting from a host of added functionalities that are not available in traditional phone systems.

Experience the convergence of the basic communication components in one platform. In the past, the data, video and voice components of a communication system could only be accessed separately. Today, thanks to the Internet, these communication staples can now be converged into a unified framework like the White Label VoIP service. Add to that the use of BYOD gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets and many more and you have a perfectly versatile and flexible network.

White Label VoIPEnjoy a multitude of solution options that fit any requirements. White Label VoIP allows customers to choose communication applications according to their needs and capabilities. Whether it’s a full hosted PBX or SIP trunking, the options are wide ranging. What else can you ask for if you can have access to onsite and offsite communications, unlimited local and long distance calls, remote control of moves, adds and changes and continuing software updates, all without the need to manage hardware and with less cost? And what about virtual conferencing via video or voice from different locations in real time?

Protect your business from service interruptions and the loss of data. Disaster recovery is a priority in the White Label VoIP program to ensure the continuity of business processes and services. Continuity is made possible by the rerouting of inbound calls to alternative receivers like cellphones and voice mail boxes. Enough call paths are also ensured during peak hours because the system has a dynamic line bursting mechanism that virtually eliminates busy dial tones.

Bring your phone system with you. A VoIP system can be used anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Whether you’re in your office, in a hotel room or at home, you can stay in touch with your customers and employees by using your regular business phone number. You can also set calls to be forwarded to your cellphone, laptop or even desk top so you won’t miss urgent calls especially from clients.

How Can Resellers Benefit from the White Label VoIP Program?

The VoIP market is a fast expanding industry because more and more businesses are becoming aware of what voice technology can do for them. VoIP reselling is a timely opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses, that otherwise don’t have the needed initial capital to build a network, to earn recurring high margin revenues. Because there is predictability in their revenue stream, they are assured of increased and continuing cash flow.

As the provider of the White Label VoIP service, WLC does not compete with its resellers. Instead, resellers are free to promote their own brands, build their customer base and own their own customers. They provide service to end users as if they were not reselling at all, including dial tone as part of their offering. The WLC program provides a level playing field where resellers can virtually compete with major providers at less cost.

The WLC platform is a revolutionary tool that allows White Label VoIP resellers to sell their private label dial tones to any business customer regardless of the type of technology they have and the life cycle stage where they are in. With their branded WLC portals, resellers can remotely provide and manage the service to their customers. PBX or SIP conversion can easily be interfaced with an analog or PRI with the use of a number or integrated access devices or IADs.

The demands of digitization in business communication cannot be overlooked. The White Label VoIP solution integrates voice, data and video into a single platform to provide high quality and unified communication. Whether you’re an end user or a reseller, your business deserves nothing less.  



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