The Basics of a VoIP Reseller Prograrm

Are you interested in the growing demand for Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, but can’t or don’t want to sink a big investment into hardware and network infrastructure? Demand for this technology is consistently high because of the benefits of a move to a VoIP system. 

voip reseller programWhy choose VoIP?

PSTN – the public switched telephone system, otherwise know as POTS or plain old telephone system, charges for system usage by the minute for long-distance calls and is notorious at best for its many hidden fees.  VoIP on the other hand transmits data over the internet, so it costs only what you are already paying for Internet access. This cost differential is the most frequently cited reason for switching to VoIP.

However, VoIP compresses call data into packets, and for this reason can handle more calls on fewer access lines than PSTN, which requires a separate circuit for every call placed on the system.
But VoIP offers additional advantages. It’s not only less expensive, it’s more reliable and more secure as well. The infrastructure is simpler and can support multiple locations from a single equipment site.

Why join a VoIP reseller program?

We treat our resellers as true partners and are dedicated to making your business successful. Our VoIP reseller program will get you where you want to go in the telecommunications industry without taking you to the poorhouse as well. With a profit margin of up to 70% on monthly recurring revenue, the opportunity is definitely worth a second look, wouldn’t you say?

White Label Communications is a business in a box opportunity. Our turnkey solution will get you into operation fast and provide your business with ongoing support and continuing education, employee training and tools that will give you an edge in the marketplace. Our VoIP reseller program combines years of industry experience  with a record for success and a deep understanding of the telecommunications needs of the small and medium-sized businesses who are your prime customers for the technology.

Why choose White Label Communications

Our VoIP reseller program offers telephone systems that can be adapted to almost any need and which will allow you to make available to your customers a choice of:

Bloud-based IP communication services

SIP trunking

Hosted PBX

As you might surmise from our company name, all of the products available through our VoIP reseller program can be relabeled and sold under your personal brand with any fee structure or product bundling that you like. The White Label Communications administrative portal also allows you the access you need to provision your accounts remotely and easily.

Our VoIP reseller program will allow you to provide a dialtone to any SIP or legacy PBX, whether the system is analog or uses PRI. Also:

Dialtone + disaster recovery service automatically reroutes phone service to cell phones, branch offices or voicemail if needed.

Dynamic line bursting allows customers to temporarily use more than the number of pre-paid phone circuits at peak call times in order to avoid busy signals for incoming calls.

SIP customers like the fact that they can purchase their equipment one at a time, rather than needing to pay for more phone circuits than they actually need as they would in a traditional telecommunications system. Customer DIDs can be located anywhere and an unlimited number of conference calls is available.

Even if your customer still uses legacy PBX equipment, our White Label VoIP reseller program allows your to convert your SIP to analog or PRI so that you can accommodate their PBX system. Our VoIP reseller program also includes an option for fully hosted PBX ;that will work with any SIP device and even offers automated configuration for many of the more common equipment brands, such as Ploycom, Aastra, Panasonic, SNOM and Cisco.

White Label Communications is committed to you

White Label Communications recently launched White Label University for prospective resellers, offering an extensive compilation of VoIP best practices carefully distilled from experienced industry experts. It combines a knowledge base and online forums with webinars and on-demand videos that resellers will find invaluable for training their sales representatives and discovering accounting and billng best practices.

Our VoIP reseller program is a better choice than any of the the alternatives on the market today, and that’s because because training isn’t something we just throw at our partners, before we disappear forever. We strongly believe in the value to the customer as well as the reseller of support and training provided on an ongoing and as needed basis.




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