Generate Recurring Revenue with White Label Phone Service

White Label Phone ServiceUnless you’ve been completely out of touch for the past couple of years, it should be very apparent that when it comes to communications systems, “the times, they are a-changin'”. It has been projected that within the decade, landlines will have become extinct – replaced completely by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony. By taking the time to educate yourself on the advantages of this technology and becoming a provider of a white label phone service, you can stay ahead of the curve and enjoy a secure source of income in the years ahead.

What is VoIP?

At it’s purest, VoIP allows users to make voice calls over the internet for a fraction of the cost required to make landline calls. VoIP, however, does not end there. Numerous types of communications data such as audio files and digital media can also be transmitted through VoIP services. This all-encompassing package is becoming the preferred mode of communications as the services are far less expensive than traditional landlines while just as reliable. 

How can I profit from VoIP?

As an entrepreneur, you should be very excited about the opportunity to offer a white label phone service. But how can you hope to become a VoIP service provider with a limited budget? The costs of setting up an maintaining a reliable communications infrastructure, the amount of educational background and expertise, and the staff you would require to keep the system up and running probably seem overwhelming, if not impossible. This is because of the fact that in the past, smaller businesses were unable to compete with large corporations. Bigger game players with infinitely larger budgets had a total monopoly on all of the latest and greatest technologies.

The good news for you is that VoIP is the great equalizer. It’s easy for the little guy to harness the technology on a low budget and resell the white label phone service to businesses who need it. You don’t need to pay for an IT department or for hosting equipment because White Label Communications has it covered. You simply sell the service, and we provide the rest.  The best part is that your prospective clients will be looking for you, as long as you act quickly. There is still a large number of organizations who have yet to make the switch to VoIP telephony, but most are preparing to do so in the very near future.

The question then becomes: why would a business want to purchase a white label phone service from a provider which utilizes a reseller’s infrastructure? The answer is easy: no one will ever know. Although White Label Communications provides you with the means to offer a VoIP phone service, you are the provider. You have the ability to build your own brand and create your own success. By making the commitment to becoming a white label phone service provider now, you’ll be able to take advantage of this pivotal window of time and make a healthy and reliable profit off of it well into the future.

What can I offer consumers through a white label phone service?

You can rest assured that once you sell your VoIP phone service to businesses in need, they will remain satisfied and continue to buy your services. Just because you are offering a white label phone service at little cost to you doesn’t mean that these services will be inadequate. In fact, you will be offering them high quality communications services that are tailor fitted to any and all business needs. The White Label Communications infrastructure makes it easy for you to sell your brand as a phone service by offering multiple options such as:

  • Fully Hosted PBX with Dial Tone -Your white label phone service will be able to employ the White Label Communications OS so that you are able to provide a fully hosted PBX service. This solution is compatible with the concept of “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device), so it will work with any SIP device.
  • Premise SIP System with Dial Tone – If your customers have new or existing systems which are compatible with native SIP, you’ll be able to offer your dial tone service easily and remotely.
  • Legacy System with Dial Tone – Even if your clients utilize older phone systems without the ability to accept native SIP, you’ll be able to provide phone services to them. By simply converting the SIP connection to Analog or PRI, you can offer your dial tone to any PBX. 

Don’t allow yourself to get left behind during a time of technological advancement and great opportunity. By acting quickly, you will have the ability to becoming a white label phone service provider to countless businesses in need of a communications upgrade. When you start today, you can earn their business both now and in the future.



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