Resellers Reselling Hosted PBX Service Must Deliver

Reselling Hosted PBX ServiceBecause so many companies are currently looking into integrating hosted PBX telephone services into their business these days, it’s really important that they find a reseller who can deliver. Signing up for hosted PBX services isn’t something that should be done quickly. Instead, it’s really important for a company to find a reseller to work with that will not only meet their business communication needs, but knows how to exceed them. And yes, they are out there. It may take a little bit of research or asking around to find out the name of a reseller who knows how to deliver exactly what a company is looking for, but they’re there.

So what are some of the things that a company can look for in order to determine if a service provider is able to deliver what they’re offering? This is the question that many of the small and medium-sized companies that are looking to sign up for hosted PBX Services are wanting to know.

Your Reseller Must Deliver

The following are a few things that a business owner can look for when determining if a reseller is going to be able to deliver on the hosted PBX telephone services that they’re offering.

  • Call the reseller and ask them if they are able to offer any services with High Definition Voice. They should bring up a G.722 codec, and if they don’t then the probably are not going to be able to deliver the best hosted PBX services possible.
  • Ask the reseller if they’re able to provide your business with the ability to manage some or all of the PBX services yourself. This should be an option.
  • Ask the reseller if you can look at their service roadmap. This road map will provide you with some of the various features that the reseller might be looking to add to their reselling business over time. This will show if the reseller has a plan for continuing to resell hosted PBX services in the future, which means they’re in it for the long haul.
  • Ask how many hosted PBX services the reseller actually offers. If they’re able to offer a full line up of PBX-related services vs. only the one or two services some resellers actually carry, then this is a good sign.
  • Ask the reseller for references. Also ask them to tell you about any long-term connections they have with other people or companies that work in the internet technology arena.
  • You should expect a reseller to deliver your PBX telephone service over a private IP network.

Reselling Hosted PBX Service

What’s important to understand here is that you’re going to want to sign up with a reseller who can deliver everything your new business communication system is going to need for success. There’s simply too much competition in today’s world to expect anything less than the best in business communication services. This means finding a reseller who not only knows everything there is to know about integrating a hosted PBX telephone system into a company, it means finding a reseller who fully understands your every need when it comes to your business communications system and can accordingly deliver the best hosted PBX services for your particular company.

If you have any questions about reselling hosted PBX services or want information about finding a reseller who can provide you with the best hosted PBX services that can bring your company to a whole new level, be sure to contact us today. We know everything there is to know about the reselling business and make it our goal to deliver the quality that every customer deserves.

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