Are You a Hosted VoIP Distributor? How You Can Help Businesses Grow

Hosted VoIP DistributorIf you’re a hosted VoIP distributor, chances are that this a very busy time for you! The recent lowering in the cost of VoIP telephone communication services has made VoIP telephone communication services a really hot commodity right now. This means all of those businesses that couldn’t previously afford to utilize this high-tech telephony can now choose to do so. Because the cost of integrating VoIP telephone services is so affordable these days, businesses seeking this new telephony are excited because they know that VoIP communication services can help them grow their business into everything they want it to be.

As a hosted VoIP distributor, your job requires more than simply selling these currently in-demand high-tech VoIP services. It’s your job to make sure that each and every business that signs up for VoIP telephone communication services makes the right decisions for their particular company.

How You Can Help Businesses Grow  

A hosted VoIP distributor can help a businesses grow by being aware of all the many benefits to be had when choosing a VoIP telephone communication system. This way you’re able to assist your customers when it comes to choosing the best VoIP services package for their particular company. When a new client comes to you for information about how they can go about getting the best VoIP communication system integrated into their business, they expect you as a hosted VoIP distributor to have the knowledge and authority to provide them with the best information.

Hosted VoIP Features

It’s the features that come with a hosted VoIP telephone communication system that are going to allow a business to be much more productive, much more flexible, save on expenses and increase their profit margins. These features are going to help any-sized business get the boost it needs to once again become a contender in the highly competitive world of business.

Call Reporting. The ability to see all phone calls made, as well as all of the details involved.

Call Recording. Recording phone calls to play at a later time has been proven to be a very beneficial feature.

Voicemail to Text. Many people prefer to read a text rather than listen to a voicemail making this a very popular option.

Conference Bridges. Conference calls can now be made from anywhere and at anytime.

Intelligent Call Queues. Advanced routing solutions allow for much more flexibility when it comes to a few specific needs of a business.

Auto Attendants. This option can help a company save on the cost of hiring additional staff.

Hunt Groups. Hunt group arrangements can be used to make sure no phone calls are ever missed.

On Hold Messages. When someone is put on hold, a personalized message can be made for them to listen to, vs. the traditional (and oftentimes boring!) music.

Smartphone Apps. A Smartphone app is available that allows employees to make calls while out and about using their business phone number.

Good to Know

Once you’re able to assist a client in making the right VoIP telephone communication system decision for their particular business, you’ve done your part in helping a business grow. Of course, you’re going to need to have the knowledge that new clients are looking for so that they can see you as someone who is considered to be a position of authority, especiaclly within your particular niche. When a hosted VoIP distributor is seen as a leader in their field, it’s only a matter of time before word gets out that this is the person and/or company to do business with.

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