4 Reasons Why MSPs Are Reselling White Label VoIP

White Label VoIPGiven the growing demands of consumers in an increasingly virtual and mobile business landscape brought about by globalization, White Label VoIP MSPs have good reasons to situate themselves strategically to stay competitive as well as profitable. The reasons are varied but the more obvious motivations are:

1.  Cross selling is a great way of developing customer relationships and boosting sales.

Cross selling is an excellent way of convincing customers to buy additional items related to their original purchases. Through this method, MSPs can invite customers to try new or complementary products or services that add value to their business. Up selling is another great strategy that involves the offering of higher quality items to enhance the usefulness of customers’ existing product lines.

According to surveys, both methods help buyers appreciate the need for new products and services that meet their business requirements, but were not offered in the past. This also demonstrates that White Label VoIP resellers are there not only for the profits but as effective business partners, aware of the needs of their customers and concerned of their ultimate satisfaction.

Sometimes, however, MSPs run the risk of irritating clients with too many sales pitches made at the wrong time or place. Some ideas that help improve the chances for successful cross selling or up selling are:

  • Offer relevant products and services that are closely related to the original purchase.
  • Cite expert recommendations that come from respected professionals, product authorities, industry leaders or satisfied customers.
  • Determine a good timing for your offering by citing the benefits of complementary products or services while setting up a requested service.
  • Present a range of juicy prices depending on customers’ financial capabilities.
  • Bundle products and services to entice clients to buy not just a single item, but a bunch of items that complement each other.

2.  Earn recurring and predictable revenues with high margins through the White Label VoIP MSP model.

The growth of the VoIP market has created vast opportunities for MSPs to earn recurring and predictable income with satisfactory margins. VoIP reselling programs like that of the White Label VoIP offering allow MSPs to set their own pricing as they see fit. They can also bundle the VoIP product with their own existing product line while creating equity value for their own businesses and owning their own clients.

MSPs also get a chance to acquire new clients and expand their client base to whom they can offer their existing products and services. This means added revenues that keep recurring for as long as clients are satisfied. For example, fixing a broken server may be part of a routine service but if clients are satisfied with the service, they become happy prospects willing to upgrade to a speedier browser or a more secure disaster recovery system. Again, this means added recurring revenue for the MSP.

3.  Build solid relationships and encourage customer stickiness.                                                                                                  

An advantage that MSPs have over big service providers is that MSPs can relate to customers face-to-face. By providing excellent products, services and support that create long term customer satisfaction, MSPs have the opportunity to promote brand loyalty that will make customers stick to them no matter what the competition can counteroffer.

There are various ways of making customers stick. Aside from offering them products that add value to their original purchases or businesses, provide them after-sales care and all out support. White Label VoIP MSPs ensure customer stickiness by locking them in with contracts or long term arrangements like fixed monthly or annual fees. MSPs likewise need to continue investing in their products, keep improving them and maintain consistent quality. Lastly, they need to watch out for any perceived intention to switch to the competition, know the reason and find a way to address it.

4.  IT Managers look for MSP firms with complete technical resources.

The ideal MSP model comes with a fully trained technical staff and useful technical resources with intelligent features. 24/7 help desks, contact management, incident management, problem management, systems reporting and dashboard are some helpful features that can be bundled in a single package.

MSPs can provide most of these technical services remotely through a private network (VPN) or the Internet, minimizing costly physical site visits and saving time. Moreover, customers want their MSPs to provide a defined set of technical support, either proactively or immediately when technical assistance is needed.

The VoIP market is solidifying and gaining ground. Managed service providers or MSPs are trying to beat feet to take strategic positions as they enter the VoIP space. In business communications, hosted PBX and SIP trunking like those of the White Label VoIP platform are growing because of their flexibility, flawless connectivity, centralized data centers and resources as well as cost effectiveness.


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