Turnkey Sip Trunking – An Overview

turnkey sip trunkingVoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone services are continuing to take over as the new and improved voice communications system for both small and medium-sized businesses. This fact is making it so that VoIP phone services are quickly becoming known as the standard when it comes to present day business communications. Why now? The costs associated with instituting and managing a high-tech phone system are finally becoming affordable so that any-sized business can now afford to utilize these cost-efficient telephony services.

Many businesses are therefore actively searching for the right high-tech phone services that are going to fit in best with their particular company, and finding them. Although, in some cases, businesses are finding that they need to extend this VoIP technology beyond its firewalls, making it necessary for them to look into getting a sip trunk that uses VoIP technology. This way they can easily deliver instant messages, emergency calls, conference and much, much more. 

Turnkey Sip Trunking

It’s easy for any business to add turnkey sip trunking to their current PBX phone system services. When a business uses their high-tech PBX phone system they’re able to communicate with anyone within the company. But what if they need to communicate with someone outside the company? Then they would need to have a sip trunk installed.

A sip trunk is not like conventional telephony methods where wires are used to deliver phone services to a business. Instead, installing a sip trunk allows a business to forego using these wires and instead uses fixed PSTN lines, which then uses PSTN connectivity by means of the sip trunking.

Turnkey Sip Trunking Benefits

Both small and medium-sized businesses have been actively looking to add new telephone services to their business due to PBX high-tech phone services becoming more affordable these days.

A few turnkey sip trunking benefits a business can expect to see:

  • No longer a need to invest in PSTN lines when the business starts to expand
  • Bandwidth is fully used as both voice and information are sent over the same connection
  • Redundancy is applied as many servers are used
  • Long distance calls are much more affordable, with pricing similar to that of local calls

Businesses are Looking…

Both small and medium-sized businesses are currently looking for turnkey sip trunking phone services! The main reason is that in utilizing sip trunks a business can expect lower costs when compared to analog circuits and PRI’s, and yet can still expect to receive the same quality of service. For example, long distance phone calls can be made at a fraction of the cost when using a sip trunk. Of course, versatility is a factor, as well.

Once a business decides that a premise-based system is going to work best for their company they should start looking into purchasing turnkey sip trunking.

Types of Sip Trunk Connections

There are a few different types of connections that can be used for a sip trunk. A dedicated line, also known as a leased line, is the most reliable and most secure. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) isn’t required and this line carries the highest call-carrying capacity there is at this particular time. Because it is the best, it is also the most expensive.

Another choice is to get a dedicated line that is shared with other IP traffic, which is also very secure and doesn’t require a VPN. Know that with a shared line, too much traffic at once can cause problems when it comes to VoIP operations (except when precedence is given to VoIP traffic).

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