Hey VoIP Reseller – Inform Your Customers About These Best Features

Voip ResellerNow that a little bit of time has gone by since the cost of integrating high-tech VoIP telephone services into a company have lowered substantially, there have been a number of small and medium-sized businesses that have signed up so they can start benefitting from this new high-tech telephony, too. Not long ago it was only the large companies that could afford to pay for these high-tech VoIP telephone services. Now anyone who’s interested has options when it comes to integrating VoIP technology into their business, and we’re starting to learn more about the many and various features that this new small business phone system can offer.

Small Business Phone System

In today’s world, it’s critical for every business to have the latest in technology. Especially when it comes to telecommunications. The ability to communicate well in the extremely busy and highly competitive world of business we live in today is crucial to its overall success. Companies have been using an analog phone as their small business phone system for years now and now that high-tech VoIP telephony services are available, there’s no reason for them to continue using this outdated phone system.

Best Features

Although there are many various features that a business owner can choose to integrate into their VoIP telephony business communication system, the following features are among some of the most popular. Mainly because they’re able to offer a business a number of benefits that allow it to run much more efficiently.

Priority Alert. This feature allows a user to enter specific criteria into the system that tells it to complete a particular action, like creating a certain ring tone or pattern when this criteria has been met. A perfect choice to ensure that no important telephone calls are missed.

Voicemail. When an employee is not able to answer the telephone and the caller decides to leave a voicemail, this voicemail can be routed directly to this particular employee so they’re able to receive the message as soon as possible.

Caller ID. Who doesn’t love the caller ID feature found on most phones these days? It’s always nice to know who’s calling before you pick up the telephone so you have a moment to prepare.

Auto Attendant. The auto attendant feature allows a business to program their new VoIP telephone system so that anyone who calls the company receives a professional greeting. Using the auto attendant feature allows people to see the establishment as one that is not only professional but one that also offers great customer service.

Do Not Disturb. This convenient feature allows users the ability to block calls when they’re busy with customers. This way there’s no interruptions when meeting with a client in-house. Those who do call in at this particular time will receive a polite message either asking them to call back at another time or leave a message to be called back.

VoIP Reseller

Being a VoIP reseller these days means being there for your customers, no matter what they need. When it comes to high-tech telecommunications, it’s essential that every business not only understands how a new high-tech VoIP telephony small business phone system works, they also need to know that there are a number of benefits that come along with using this high-tech telephony that will allow a company to run much more efficiently. And in today’s highly competitive world, efficiency is very important.

If you have any questions about how you can best serve your customers, be sure to contact us today. Our focus is on you the reseller, so know that we do everything in our power to make sure that you have the tools and resources that can help your customers find the success they’re looking for.

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