Turnkey VoIP Quiz: Test Your VoIP Knowledge

Turnkey VoIPNew turnkey VoIP services are now affordable making it so that more and more businesses are looking into what they need to do to sign up so they can receive the high-tech VoIP business communication services that everyone’s talking about these days. Because these turnkey VoIP services will eventually replace the landline many small and medium-sized businesses are still using today, it’s a really good idea for every business to start educating themselves on all things related to this new VoIP technology. Because there are many levels when it comes to learning about new VoIP technology and all that it can offer a business, starting with the basics is definitely recommended. Once a business can understand the basics about VoIP technology, they can then begin to  build on this platform of knowledge.


Statistics are telling us that within the next 3 to 4 years the majority of both small and medium-sized businesses will have signed up to receive turnkey VoIP services. Whether it’s just the basics they’re looking for or a large variety of VoIP services that can help them run their business much more efficiently, they will indeed be signing up in order to stay connected with the highly technical business world we live in today.

Turnkey VoIP

Although the majority of people these days tend to have a basic understanding of what VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is, there’s a lot more to these high-tech turnkey VoIP services than meets the eye. Instead of using the traditional analog landline system, which is now viewed as very limiting in its business communication options, new VoIP technology uses a digital signal so these communications can now take place using the internet. VoIP services can be simple, too. If a business wants to continue using their ordinary telephone system, an adapter can be utilized to make this transition, which is a fairly simple process. A business can also use a computer instead of their phone system to utilize phone calls, which is more and more becoming the norm.

Turnkey VoIP Quiz

The following quiz covers a variety of VoIP-related topics, including security, set-up, performance, management and more.

Time to Test Your Turnkey VoIP Knowledge!

1. POTS stands for?

2. This term refers to any phone-type service carried over an IP network.

3. What’s the term for sending out both voice and data over a data network?

4. This term refers to sending out voice traffic over an IP network.

5. What is the standard for interoperability in audio, video and data transmissions as well as Internet telephony and VoIP?

6. How is a phone call placed on the PSTN usually terminated?

7. What are the two basic components of a data message?

8. What are 3 challenges designers come across when creating a turnkey?

9. What tends to be the biggest reason for a one-way delay?

10. What’s the most evident way that someone can reduce delay?

11. How does one do when a packet is lost?

12. SIP protocol, what are end-users called


1. Plain Old Telephone Service

2. IP Telephony

3. Voice and Data Convergence

4. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

5. H.323 is the standard that was approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1996.

6. When either party goes ‘on-hook’.

7. Header and Payload

8. talker echo, sufficient bit rate capacity and prioritizing VoIP traffic over other internet traffic

9. Propagation time

10. Make the bit rate faster

11. Utilize a PLC procedure to camouflage the hole

12. User Agents

How Well Did You Do?

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