Cloud PBX Resellers are Doing Well – Why Cloud PBX is a Great Choice

Cloud PBX Reseller

Many businesses are now looking to upgrade from what can now be called the old-fashioned phone system – landlines. Yes, modern technology is once again changing how we communicate, making it so that businesses have more choices than using landlines for their voice communications these days. Although this method of communication technology has been a staple for how the business world has functioned for many, many years now, new advances have made it possible for both small and medium-sized businesses to access these latest technological advances in the telephony world, as well.

For those who want to be a cloud PBX reseller, there are some things you need to think about. For example, does selling cloud PBX services fit in with your other current offerings? Are you going to need to hire additional staff? The answers to these and more individual questions will help you decide if being a cloud PBX reseller is the right choice for you.

Being a Cloud PBX Reseller

When you decide to become a cloud PBX reseller, this means you get to offer both small and medium-sized businesses an affordable way to outsource their communication services. You’re going to need to be knowledgeable about cloud services you’re providing a way so your customers can trust you and your services. Being a cloud PBX reseller means you don’t have to come up with all the start-up costs necessary and instead you get to focus on  how you can provide your customers with the best services possible so they can start utilizing the many benefits that a cloud PBX system can offer them.

So remember, it’s your job as a cloud PBX reseller to be knowledgeable in all things cloud PBX-related. This way you’re customers will see you as knowledgeable and want to do business with you. And don’t tell anyone, but it’s really not that difficult to understand. That’s why we made this somewhat of a cheat sheet for you as a cloud PBX reseller; so you can have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips. 

Why Cloud PBX is a Great Choice

Although you’re sure to receive a large variety of questions from potential clients, the number one thing your potential customers are going to want to know is how much money they’re going to save. Depending on the size of the company is of course going to determine the exact answer, but we can give you a rough estimate that each extension is going to cost them @ $20 per month.

So whether a business is looking to jump into the 21st century by changing their landline to the newest in cloud PBX technology, or simply looking to upgrade their current (and most likely outdated) system so they can receive more benefits, we can help you. Utilizing the cloud and all its many benefits is a really smart idea, and either way you’re going to save money, which is one of the major incentives for a business deciding to update their current telephone technologies.

The following are answers to your most common questions about the Cloud:

How Does the Cloud Work?

Cloud computing technology is dependent on the internet so you must have an internet connection for it to work. Instead of data being stored on a piece of hardware, it’s stored in a magical, mystical ‘cloud’ that floats around in virtual space holding onto its bits of data.

What Does PBX Mean?

PBX stands for Public Branch Exchange, and refers to the technology utilized to route the phone calls. PBX units were quite standard, and large! and were once required for any medium or large-sized companies that used this technology.

What are the Main Benefits?

Saving money is the number one benefit, and it’s a good one isn’t it? The ability for cloud PBX systems to expand with the business without a lot of complications, as well as the fact that there’s more office space due to this being a wireless system are also two more big advantages.

What if I Need Help?

If you happen to come across an issue that you’re not sure what to do about, the service provider will help you figure out the best solution, which will then determine your next step.

Can Employees Use it When Traveling?

Yes! Using a cloud PBX system means employees can make their business calls from anywhere. Calls can also be easily routed from the office to an employee’s personal phone, which means that they don’t have to miss any more phone calls or potential opportunities. Also, PCMag recently reported that 47% of employees use personal devices for work-related calls, yet only 25% use a company-issued phone.

Security Issues

Even though there are some concerns over how secure cloud technology is and what can be done about it, cloud PBX systems offer advanced features to combat this issues so there’s no need for worry.


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