Confused? A SIP Trunking Distributor Answers Your Top Questions

SIP Trunking DistributorThe recent lowering in costs associated with signing up for high-tech VoIP telephony services is peaking the interests of all of the small and medium-sized businesses that have been waiting for these costs to come down. Now these businesses are actively looking into what they need to do in order to sign up for high-tech VoIP telephony services. Because high-tech VoIP telephony is still new to the majority of companies doing business today, it’s expected that they will have a lot of questions related to this new telephony.

SIP Trunking

For many years now businesses have had to use ISDN circuits in order to connect their private telephone system to a public telephone network. Although these landline systems have been supporting the way businesses have been communicating for 30+ years now, the recent lowering in costs associated with integrating high-tech VoIP telephony into a business have lowered substantially. Because businesses are always looking for ways they can save money the majority of small and medium-sized business owners have been looking into these newly available options.

When a business decides to utilize SIP trunking it means that they’re not only upgrading their current business communication system, they can also expect to receive a number of benefits. One of the best benefits allows a business to only pay for services used, while doing away with their having to pay for any more ISDN services (which tend to be more expensive).

Top Questions

Following are the some of the top questions that business owners are asking when interested in signing up for SIP trunking services.

Question: What does SIP stand for?

Answer: Session Initiation Protocol

Question: What is a SIP trunk?

Answer: A SIP trunk is used to connect a private PBX system to a public network.

Question: Is using SIP trunks expensive?

Answer: Even though using new and better technology seems like it would cost a business more to implement, the costs associated with using SIP trunks are often a good deal less than what a business is currently paying for their business communication platform services.

Question: Why should I use a SIP trunk?

Answer: Because there are many advantages a business can experience when using SIP trunking, including but not limited to the ability to utilize a current data connection, telephone costs are going to be less expensive, communication possibilities are going to be faster, it’s fully scalable and there’s the ability for other telephone lines to continue working even if one happens to go down.

Question: What kind of equipment do I need?

Answer: Although it depends on the type of PBX system you currently are using you may need a gateway box to connect the devices. (Your SIP trunking provider can give you a detailed answer.)

Question: How many SIP trunks am I going to need?

Answer: The answer to this one is going to depend on how many telephone calls a business normally receives at any one time. You can probably figure on using 1 SIP trunk for every 5 telephone lines.

Question: Are SIP trunks trustworthy?

Answer: Yes. In fact, if the SIP trunks are integrated exactly as they should be then they are considered to be more trustworthy than ISDN circuits. (Again, your SIP trunking provider can give you more details on how/why setting up a direct connection with their SIP trunks is going to provide you with the absolute best service.)

SIP Trunking Distributor

If you’re a business owner who’s interested in signing up for the best in SIP trunking services then it’s important for you to find the best SIP trunking distributor. Only by using the best SIP trunking distributor can you expect to receive the best SIP trunking services possible. We here at White Label Communications know anything and everything there is to know about using SIP trunking services and that’s when we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about SIP trunks and how they can best benefit your particular business.

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