Turnkey VoIP: 2015 Feedback from a Few WebRTC Experts

Turnkey VoIPLeading businesses know how to take advantage of the many communication options that are now available using VoIP technology. One of these options is WebRTC, which stands for Web Real Time Communications, an open source project that brings together a number of communication platforms that allow users to communicate in real time. This includes the ability to use voice communications, text communications, as well as video communications.

Communicating in real time communications can be a huge advantage these days, and for any business. This makes it a good idea for every business owner to check into what their WebRTC options are, and the sooner the better. It’s not necessary to install any additional applications when accessing WebRTC, making the installation process fairly simple. Although, a Web API is required in order to make sure that all communications are able to communicate with each other.

Because creating an efficient unified communications system is (or should be!) a goal of both small and medium-sized business owners, it’s very much worth the time looking into what WebRTC can do for any business. But first, they’re going to need a VoIP based communication platform.

Turnkey VoIP

Even though there are so many benefits to be had once a company starts utilizing WebRTC, there are many business owners who are still getting used to using some of the most basic VoIP related features. This can be directly related to the fact that the high majority of small and medium-sized business owners have been using a landline for so many years, and therefore have only been using VoIP technology for about four years or less.

But there’s also a small percentage of SMBs that are now very interested in learning how they can incorporate WebRTC into their business. These businesses have already learned how to utilize many of the VoIP features that came with their updated communication platform, and are now ready to take their business to the next level.

WebRTC Experts

When we say WebRTC experts, we’re referring to business owners who have been using WebRTC for more than a year now, and accordingly understand everything there is to know about this extremely beneficial real time communication platform.

One of the many topics we wanted information on included whether or not the prospect of desktop WebRTC is going to be utilized more in desktop apps or browsers. Almost half agreed that browser based apps is indeed the future of WebRTC. We also wondered if these experts thought that it was more important for consumers to utilize WebRTC, vs. business to business cases. The high majority agreed that it was indeed more important for consumers to adopt this updated communication option.

WebRTC Benefits

Because real time communication is considered to be very essential in today’s competitive world of business, every business owner should look into how WebRTC could specifically help benefit their business communications.

The following is a short list of some of the many WebRTC benefits currently available:

  • Better Overall Quality. G.711 and Opus codecs means that you’re going to get a higher quality of audio.
  • No Need to Install a Third Party Platform. WebRTC uses the structural design already found in a web browser so there’s no need to install any additional platforms.
  • Compatible with all Systems. Because both voice systems and video systems go hand in hand with SIP and PSTN, installing and utilizing WebRTC tends to be a flawless process.
  • Additional Security Measures. WebRTC uses SRTP protocol, which offers a number of additional security measures like encryption and message authentication.
  • Simple Application Development. WebRTC already has APIs built in, which means that it’s going to be much easier to utilize. And the fact that there are codes available that are license free means that expenses will be minimal.

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