Turnkey VoIP Developments for 2016: A Quick Review

Turnkey VoIPThis past year we saw a lot of developments when it came to both small and medium-sized business owners getting rid of their limiting landline and then signing up for high-tech VoIP services. New reports are telling us that this year we can expect to see more of the same. In fact, within the next 4 to 5 years, the high majority of SMBs will be utilizing turnkey VoIP services.

The overall worth of this specialty communication market, right now? Nearly $90 billion dollars! Impressive.

It’s predicted that the year 2016 will continue to see businesses update their communication platform from landline to VoIP, just like last year. This is good news as landline using businesses are going to need to perform this update soon… if they want to continue being able to communicate with others.

Turnkey VoIP: 2016 Developments

It’s essential for anyone who’s currently using high-tech VoIP services to keep current with any new trends and/or developments taking place this year. This includes professional VoIP resellers as well as VoIP customers. The ability for any business to create an efficient Unified Communications is now available, and signing up for turnkey VoIP services is the first step.

The following are a few VoIP related topics that will be receiving a lot of attention in 2016.

  • Regulation. The FCC is still in the process of creating regulations for the VoIP services industry. Some of the regulations that they’ve already put into place include allowing 911 services to be called if an emergency arises, ensuring that number porting rules are followed, recognizing that customer calling records need protection, and giving the ability for those with hearing or speech disabilities to access and utilize any said services.
  • Taxes. The FCC is also currently working on finding new ways to impose taxes on the VoIP industry.
  • Hosted Billing Solutions. Professional VoIP resellers can now combine all of their billing solutions into one easy to use invoicing service.
  • Management System. Businesses are looking for ways that they can become more efficient this year, which is why there’s going to be more of an emphasis on creating a management platform the allows any business to become much more streamlined.
  • Mobile VoIP. We mentioned that mobile VoIP was one of the most utilized VoIP services businesses used last year, and this year should be no different. A high majority of businesses are reporting that the ability for their workers to access work related information when not in the office has been extremely beneficial to their bottom line.
  • The Cloud. Cloud technology is still being utilized by business owners who are looking for the best and most secure ways to manage their important business information. Now that data is being calculated rather than minutes, end uses are becoming more open to looking at their available cloud server options.
  • VoIP Fraud. Every new technology is going to have a few issues that need to be worked out. When it comes to turnkey VoIP services, the current issue relates to people getting access to a business’s information and then making fraudulent telephone calls on their dime. This issue is currently top priority.

Bottom Line

The past few years we’ve seen VoIP technology slowly but surely replacing the limiting landlines that so many small and medium-sized business owners have been using for so many years now. IT professionals are keeping a close watch on how these businesses are utilizing high-tech VoIP services in order to help guide them in providing future turnkey VoIP services.

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