Introducing Limited Use Accounts (LUA)!

Having a difficult time justifying the cost of a UCaaS/Hosted PBX/VOIP solution for primary/secondary schools, nursing homes, the hospitality industry, and similar vertical markets that have large numbers of phones, but limited phone usage?

Historically, the aforementioned vertical markets prefer to lease a prem-based phone systems and pay for SIP trunking Vs paying for “Unlimited Use” extensions.

If you have customers in these vertical markets and have had difficulty moving them to the cloud, you can now take advantage of White Label’s cost effective Limited Use Accounts solution!  For more information regarding our Limited Use solution, please contact us.

If you are a current partner, please contact your Partner Advocate for more information. Interested in this solution, but are not a partner? That’s ok! Schedule a discovery call with us and ask about Limited Use Accounts.

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