Reselling Hosted VoIP Services? The Latest (Basic) Facts

Reselling Hosted VoIP ServicesIt’s important for those who are reselling hosted VoIP services to understand how these VoIP services are being utilized by the small and medium-sized businesses who have recently signed up to receive these high-tech telephony services. When a reseller understands the needs of a business, they’re much better able to help them when it comes to choosing the hosted VoIP services that are going to best serve these particular needs. Reselling hosted VoIP services is much more than taking in money with one hand and offering a service with the other. In fact, there’s much, much more to reselling hosted VoIP services than most people could ever realize.

Reselling Hosted VoIP Services

Reselling VoIP telephone services isn’t just a one-time transaction. Resellers who choose to take on the responsibility that comes with reselling high-tech VoIP telephone services know that their customer relationships are going to be long-term. This is why it’s important for a reseller to understand anything and everything there is to know about hosted VoIP telephone services. Simply put, the more a reseller knows about the hosted VoIP telephone services industry, the better chance they’ll have when it comes to being known as one of the best hosted VoIP resellers, which is essential in these highly competitive times.

This is why it’s so important for resellers who are currently reselling hosted VoIP services to take the time to look at some of the latest reports gathered on businesses who have recently upgraded their business communication system to one that now uses high-tech VoIP telephony services. This information can be extremely helpful to those who are reselling hosted VoIP services because it not only gives them an in-depth look when it comes to understanding exactly how these businesses are using their hosted VoIP services, but what they think of them, as well.

The Latest (Basic) Facts

Although these reports are new, they do contain some valuable information that can be very helpful to understanding how these businesses are using VoIP telephone services. An inside view on the way that a business is choosing to communicate with others these days is priceless when it comes to fully understanding their business communication needs. With this knowledge, a reseller can resell hosted VoIP services with much more confidence because they know exactly what businesses are looking for. This makes it easier for them to provide these businesses with the exact services they’re going to need for success.

The following are a few of the latest and most basic facts when it comes to businesses using hosted VoIP services these days. Of course, more reports will be coming in periodically with updated information.

  • The #1 choice among businesses at this time? Managed IP PBX services.
  • More and more businesses are looking for hybrid solutions. For example, they’re looking to combine their VoIP services with sip trunking in order to receive even more benefits.
  • Sip trunks increased nearly 85% last year as more and more companies are looking to integrate sip trunking services due to the fact that they’re both affordable and flexible.
  • Although small businesses are in the lead when it comes to signing up for VoIP services, the rate of entrepreneurs and residents signing up are quickly increasing, narrowing the gap.

Good to Know

The market for high-tech VoIP telephony services is one that shows no evidence of slowing down. And we’re not talking about for just the next year or two, we’re talking about six or seven years down the road before VoIP services begin to even out and become the norm. And it’s not only in the United States that businesses are choosing to update their current business communication by signing up for high-tech VoIP services. Companies from all over the world are understanding the importance of upgrading their current business communication system and accordingly are signing up to receive this high-tech telephony so they won’t be left behind.

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