Mitel and Ring Central; Why Mitel Customers are Now Considering Private Labeling

On November 9, 2021, Mitel and Ring Central announced a 10-year strategic partnership, the result being RingCentral has become the exclusive UCaaS provider to Mitel’s MiCloud Connect/Connect Cloud customer base, and once fierce competitors are now partners, with RingCentral taking the helm.

The Mitel resellers White Label Communications is fortunate to have as Partners have shared the White Label/Private Label business model is more attractive than the Mitel – Ring Central agent model for the following reasons:

  1. White Label Partners continue providing their customers, of all sizes, the level of service they’ve grown accustomed to, so their customers won’t be marginalized by a larger service provider.  There are tried and true business reasons dealer networks were created and thrive – local service and support from hyper-responsive service providers!
  2. White Label Partners control retail prices and margins
  3. White Label Partners send a single private-branded invoice to their customers for ALL their services
  4. End user customers pay White Label Partners directly, i.e. top line MRR goes on the White Label Partner’s balance sheet
  5. Although SPIFFS and financial incentives can be very attractive in the short-term, this Faustian bargain has a long-term negative impact that creates financial uncertainty, eroding the value of the Partners business.
  6. White Label Partners don’t take kindly to the prospect of competing with their service provider’s direct sales organization now or in the future
  7. White Label Partners want their customers who already own Mitel 6900 series phones to be able utilize/keep these phones

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