Prospects considering a relationship with White Label Communications often ask questions, and sometimes express anxiety, regarding the process of porting phone numbers, i.e. line number porting (LNP). 

We reassure prospects what our Partners already know, which is for the most part porting phone numbers goes smoothly.  We are also transparent about the fact that there are periodic porting cases that require our Porting Department to go the extra mile, which they are always willing to do.  (I am sure when prospects hear this response, they think it’s “sales speak”). 

Our Porting team enjoys strong and long-lasting relationships with our carriers that allow them to manage any unforeseen issues, and yes, we have automation in place, e.g. APIs, however the most important reason White Label Communications manages the process of porting phone numbers better than anyone in our space, are the people in our US-Based Porting Department.  This group consistently goes above and beyond and treat their daily interactions with our Partners conscientiously and with a level of professionalism I’ve not witnessed in my 30+ years in the industry.

To that end, here is recent feedback from two of our Partners that reminded me how great a job this team does and prompted me to write this blog post:

“To everyone at White Label Communications – Thank you for all your hard work. Specifically, the porting team – they have worked very hard on a stubborn port from a messed up (carrier name deleted) for (customers name deleted). It has taken MONTHS and a FCC complaint to get (carrier name deleted) to fix their issues, but your porting team has held our hand every step of the way. Lisa and Angela have been a pleasure to work with, as I am sure all of you are. For everyone that has helped us on this and several other cases, we want to say that we appreciate you and hope you have a very happy holiday!” 

Mike S & James V

Jim – I Don’t know who to send this to, but your Porting Team is INCREDIBLE please pass it on to whomever needs to hear it.  They have been making us look good on some very timely ports lately and are always on top of things.

Bill R


In my experience “porting issues” common with other private label providers aren’t really porting issues at all – they are communication issues AND an unwillingness to go above and beyond issues!  A lack of communication between a porting team and a Reseller will leave the Reseller unable to provide important updates to their customers which makes the Reseller appear inept to their customers.

With White Label you will find we error on the side of over-communicating.  Our Porting Department does an amazing job providing Partners with transparency into the process, communicating any progress that is being made as well as issues that might arise. 

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