Shout Out to White Label’s Support Team for a 100% Partner Satisfaction Rating in Q1!


It should be no surprise to our Partners that White Label’s US-Based Support organization has a 100% Partner Satisfaction Rating thru Q1 of 2024.  Partner Satisfaction Rating is based on Partner feedback thru White Label’s ticketing system and is continually measured and monitored.  Since we began measuring Partner Satisfaction 14 years ago, our Rating has remained at 99%+.  Additionally, White Label’s average Support hold times remain at 8-15 seconds!

Below please find recent feedback from a few Partners expressing their satisfaction with our Support team:

Phil W:

I have been dealing with support in the past 2 weeks, the whole team members are awesome, I get the right answer right away or at least the workaround to get things done and to get my clients happy as well. Thank you team, appreciate your efforts.

Amy S:

I love love love the support I get with the WLC support techs. Everyone is great. Mark always follows up on things he had before with even after the ticket’s closed if he sees I’m inquiring about the same client he’s helped with. Honestly, that is so cool, it blows me away and really everyone is smart. I call in a freak-out moment but WLC techs just know right away what to say and how to fix my problem and I’m a zen cat when I hang up. I really really on your team a lot right now while I’m learning to navigate the system which is new to me. I hope they don’t cringe when I call!!

Daniel D:

As always, I was never anything but completely pleased with the promptness and effectiveness in getting our problems solved. We are very grateful to have your team troubleshoot and fix our issues….not that there are a lot of issues…almost all of the time everything works perfectly and efficiently. Thanks to your wonderful team and especially to Brian for staying on top of it until it was resolved!! This is rare these days and it gives us great confidence in having you take care of our voice network.

Our Partner support team continues to provide nothing less than excellent support for our Partners. Partners and prospects alike can rest assured that their needs will be taken care of in a professional and timely manner.

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