Reselling Phone Systems – How to Overcome Objections

reselling phone systemsBecause hosted VoIP phone services are now affordable making it so that any-sized business is now able to afford this new high-tech telephony, more and more businesses are looking into the best way they can incorporate a new telephone system into their company.  The majority of small businesses are embracing many of the new features that come with a hosted VoIP telephone system, with services like network storage and private security options two popular choices.

Because new VoIP telephone services are a major upgrade from the traditional landlines that many businesses are still using to this very day, business communication systems are being given even more power as they are seen as extreme assets in today’s highly competitive world. In fact, predictions show that most small businesses are willing to assign up to 15% of their funds towards incorporating a new hosted VoIP telephone system, which is a 50% increase from the last 3 years.

Reselling Phone Systems

Because the numbers tell us that new VoIP telephony services are continuing to gather interest amongst both small and medium-sized businesses, right now is a great time for reselling phone systems. And because VoIP telephony is still a fairly new technology, most businesses are going to need some help when it comes to choosing the best managed services for their particular company.

For example, a very small business calls you because they’re looking for a hosted VoIP distributor that can help them decide which of the many hosted VoIP services and solutions are going to be able to help them grow their business the best. Smaller businesses are also going to put a lot of emphasis on getting the best deal while still getting the best benefits, and with as little training as possible. Are you ready to offer them the latest technology’s at an affordable price that they can easily understand?

This is where your skills as a VoIP reseller come in. The more tools and resources you have, the better equipped you’re going to be when it comes to both guiding businesses to choosing the right VoIP services for their particular company as well as knowing how to overcome any objections that may come up.

How to Overcome Objections

So even though a business has come to you for guidance and direction on how to choose a new VoIP telephone system for their company, once you start informing them on all the benefits to be had you may encounter a few objections. It’s a good idea to be prepared ahead of time for these rejections so you’re ready when they do occur.

Objection #1: Is VoIP really better than my current landline system?

Answer: Yes! A recent survey tells as that more than they half of new VoIP users stated that the call quality and reliability were much better than their old traditional landline. New VoIP telephone systems run on business-grade IT infrastructure that allows for high-speed voice networking, which in turn creates crystal clear telephone calls.

Objection #2: Is the money savings really worth it?

Answer: Yes! There’s instant savings when it comes to making long distance phone calls as there is no longer a charge associated with making any long distance phone calls. And what’s really great is the fact that once a customer signs up for hosted VoIP services they’re going to know what their monthly fee is upfront so there’s not going to be any surprises when the monthly phone bill comes in.

Objection #3: Do I really need a new phone system?

Answer: Yes! New VoIP technology is quickly becoming known as the new standard in business voice communications. And there’s many more features that come with using VoIP telephony technology, which can only help a business run much more efficiently. And employees can be much more flexible when working now that they’re able to access any and all of their office information from anywhere they happen to be.

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