Visual Conference Center

White Label Communications is excited to announce a new feature that will enhance the user’s conference bridge experience. Introducing the VISUAL Conference Center.

The Visual Conference Center has been added to White Label’s Unified Communications Client to show participants and control an active conference call.

The Visual Conference Center Module will allow users to experience the following while on a conference call:

  • In one glance, see all participants on a conference call.  Easily identify participants as employees or outside participants.
  • Moderators can control participation on a conference bridge.  Moderators of a conference bridge can mute a participant’s speaker, mute a participant’s mic or remove a participant from the conference bridge.  Non-moderator participants can also mute themselves or end their participation in the conference bridge.  All actions are accomplished via the White Label Unified Communications Client, with a single click. 
  • All users can also see who is speaking and the duration each caller has been on the conference bridge.
  • Users can quickly join a conference bridge with just two clicks using the quick call functionality built into White Label’s Unified Communications client that will connect the user’s device of choice to the conference.
conference center3

Jim DeBald, Chief Revenue Officer for White Label Communications commented, “We are very excited about this enhancement to our conference bridge capabilities which is included in our Unified Communications Client and provided at no additional cost to our Partners.  Our software development team continues to respond to our Partner’s never-ending desire for additional features and capabilities.  Last week’s release of our distinctive inbound ring tone capability is another example of our software team’s responsiveness to Partner requests.  Our Partners continue to benefit from the fact that White Label controls our software development efforts and is not dependent on the willingness of third-party applications to make enhancements on our behalf.” 

To learn more about this feature, for current partners, please contact your partner advocate for a further discussion or visit White Label University for more information.

If you are interested in this feature, but are not currently a partner, please schedule a discovery call with us at the link below.

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