White Label Communications Completes a $1.5 Million Network Infrastructure Upgrade: A Testament to Our Commitment to Excellence


We are thrilled to announce the completion of a significant $1.5 million network infrastructure investment at our three strategically located VoIP data centers in the East, Central, and West regions. Our ‘belt and suspenders’ approach to infrastructure is the cornerstone of our network’s 100% uptime in 2023 and 99.999% uptime over the past 13 + years

Enhanced Performance

At White Label Communications, we understand that the backbone of effective Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a robust and resilient infrastructure. Our latest infrastructure enhancements encompass substantial technological advancements. We have upgraded our core Cisco network, which now includes state-of-the-art public and private routers, firewalls, core switching, and top-of-rack switching. This enhancement not only fortifies our redundancy and resiliency across all data centers but also significantly elevates our network’s performance and is a testament to our unwavering commitment to maintaining superior uptime and scaling our technology to meet the rapid growth of our partners.

Advancements in Routing & Connectivity

Our new routing core optimizes traffic routes and further reduces network latency to support 100Gbps throughput with our network service providers. This means a tenfold increase in network scale and allows us to efficiently handle the growing bandwidth demands of our resellers and their clients.

Unmatched Access

Strategic peering arrangements with our tier 1 access providers have been strengthened even further.  Our tier 1 access providers include, but are not limited to Lumen/Level 3, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Zayo, and Cogent. These partnerships ensure that White Label is providing the best possible network access and reliability to our partners.

N+1 Power Redundancy

In our pursuit of excellence, N+1 power redundancy now exists in 100% of our infrastructure. Our entire infrastructure now operates on A/B power, sourced from three different power supplies within each data center. This arrangement ensures that even in the rare event of a complete power loss, our network and servers remain fully operational.

Our Promise: Quality, Performance, and Uptime

At White Label Communications, we pride ourselves on our ability to build and scale technology that matches the rapid growth of our partners. This latest round of investments doubles down on our promise to our resellers to deliver unmatched quality, performance, and uptime. As we continue to empower the next generation of service providers, our focus remains on providing the best technology, infrastructure, and support.

White Label Communications is more than just a UCaaS solution provider; we are a partner committed to shared success and innovation. Our recent infrastructure investments are just one of the many steps we take to ensure that our partners have the most advanced and reliable tools at their disposal to thrive in a competitive market.

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