White Label’s Call Center Enhancements

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White Label’s Call Center Enhancements 

As a part of our continuous development effort to enhance Call Center capabilities on behalf of our Partners, White Label Communications is happy to announce that two (2) additional Call Center features can now be configured by our Partners via their portal; 1) Listen/Whisper/Barge, and 2) Ring All queue strategy. 

A Flexible Approach 

Managers can change settings on the fly – from Listen to Whisper, Whisper to Barge, or any other combination — to provide timely and appropriate responses in demanding and fluid situations. 

A Personalized Approach to Call Center Management 


Managers can gain valuable insights from ongoing calls without interrupting the conversation. With the Listen feature, discreetly monitor conversations to make informed decisions and offer superior support. 


Managers can take collaboration to the next level with the Whisper feature. Seamlessly communicate with an agent during a live call, ensuring that crucial information is shared without the caller being aware. Whisper can foster a collaborative environment, resulting in quicker issue resolution and increased customer satisfaction. 


For those moments that demand immediate action, the Barge feature allows managers to join a call directly, contributing to the conversation in real-time. Barge can address complex issues promptly, delivering a heightened level of service that sets your client’s call center apart. 

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Ring All Queue Strategy 

We are also pleased to announce that the “Ring All” option can now be selected in the Ring Strategy field on the Add/Edit Call Queue page.  

When the “Ring All” strategy is selected, all available agents in the queue will be simultaneously alerted or “ringed” when a new call comes in. Agents who are on a call or wrapping up will not be notified.

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Elevate Call Center Today! 

Enable the Listen/Whisper/Barge and Ring All features today and arm your clients with another feature to help them exceed customer expectations. 

To learn more about these features, for current partners, please contact your Partner Advocate for a further discussion or visit White Label University for more information.

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