Benefits of hosted pbx reseller programs

Getting in on the ground floor of any industry is the path to true business success.  The Internet made niche markets the crown jewel for a new business, but general sales products and business to business products still offer the greatest expansion potential.  Telecommunications makes up a multi-billion dollar industry each year, with many companies still operating using outdated services and equipment.  VoIP services revolutionized telecommunication for Fortune 500 companies, dramatically reducing total expenses.  Small businesses have been slow to adopt the same models.  This opens up a unique business opportunity for those interested in earning top profits with minimal investment.  

How VoIP Services Work

Instead of using the old fashioned PSTN framework to support telephone communications, VoIP services route calls digitally through an Internet Service Provider or ISP.  The old PSTN framework uses copper wires and switch boards to route calls, along with a complex network of negotiated rates for using wires owned by competitors.  VoIP services take the costs per call from pennies to hundredths of a penny.  Ultimately, VoIP can offer businesses a cost reduction of up to 1000 percent in some cases.  On top of the savings per call, digital calling services also help drop the price of maintaining a complete telephone system, typically a hosted PBX system.

Benefits of a Hosted PBX System

pbx reseller programs

A hosted PBX system offers tremendous value to both the user and the reseller.  Small businesses gain instant credibility by presenting themselves as professionally as a large corporation.  Hosted PBX systems allow businesses to:


  • Replace equipment with software solutions.  Historically, equipment costs for telephone systems were one of the biggest challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses.  Now, hosted PBX systems allow businesses to gain all the same functionality offered by a telephone system, without the equipment, at only a fraction of the cost.
  • Easily manage a feature rich system, in house.  The reasonable monthly service fee gives the business access to online management tools that make setting up call forwarding, an auto attendant and automated messaging a breeze.
  • Mobilize their workforce without losing productivity.  Office calls route seamlessly to cell phones or other mobile devices, while still displaying the office number on caller ID systems.  Plus, long distance billing for each call routes through the office also, keeping costs reasonable for employees.
  • Avoid the issue of obsolescence.  The lack of equipment and software focused platform of a hosted PBX system allows businesses to buy a system confident that software updates happen consistently, always keeping their telephone system cutting edge, never facing obsolescence.

PBX reseller programs offer great benefits to those interested in selling telecom services.  Older business models selling traditional PBX systems left the reseller with a one time sale bonus or a very small residual income.  Typically, resellers only made money on the original sale, leaving the ongoing profits to the dial tone provider.  Now, hosted PBX reseller programs allow the reseller to also earn profits as the dial tone provider.  

Becoming a Hosted PBX Reseller and Service Provider

Wholesale voice over IP services allow the reseller to become their own phone company.  No more spending hours developing solid customer relationships for a one time sale.  Buying service from a wholesale VoIP company allow the seller to also maintain customers as their service provider.  PBX reseller programs allow the seller to earn large profits, with margins of up to 70 percent.  Resellers face no infrastructure costs, no network costs and no equipment costs when getting started.  The reseller brings a sales team and client development skills to the table and partners with a wholesale VoIP company to strategically position themselves as a telecom provider in today’s market.  The era of the massive telecom is ending, opening up big opportunities for business to business communication product sales.  PBX reseller programs let telecommunication sales companies and those new to the industry break in on the ground floor to develop long term residual profits and an expanding client base.

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