Private Label PBX | Your Brand, Our Infrastructure

In today’s Internet dependant world, creating a brand is more critical to a business plan than ever. Branding is what makes a company stand out. When first getting started in the PBX market, businesses can easily stall at the expense of the high-tech equipment. Voice over IP systems, or VoIP, are the go to guys for most offices these days, but the hardware is complex and costly. It requires diligent expert IT management. Through the practice of reselling, companies can concentrate on building a customer base to create their Private Label PBX. The customers belong to the reseller. The infrastructure stays with us. A marriage works for both businesses.

Infrastructure vs. BrandPrivate Label PBX

When it comes to technology and business administration, it is easy to get lost in the lingo. An infrastructure is the base elements that make up the system. This is the expensive part of creating a successful communication platform. The base elements required to establish telephony service for businesses come together to form the infrastructure of the system.

Brand is more of a conceptual term. Often consumers refer to specific items by their brand name. For example, Kleenex is a facial tissue, but many people refer to all such products under this brand. The goal is to establish a name that everyone recognizes. It would be a challenge to find a consumer that does not connect the phrase Apple with computers or think of recliners when someone says La-z-Boy. Branding puts a company at the forefront of their industry.

Service Components

By offering to manage a telephony service, resellers are looking to create a brand using a hosted PBX system. Hosted PBX environments are virtual platforms obtained from a business partner. PBX is one of the key elements in the system, because it serves as the connection between a customer’s phone and the public telephone network using VoIP protocol.

SIP trunking platforms provide the connections between the components. SIP eliminates the need for fixed wiring. SIP trunks are a cost-effective approach that beats other methods such as ISDN BRIs, PRIs or PSTN gateways.

The infrastructure service provider handles the daily maintenance, system upgrades and IT administration of the components. The reseller focuses on enhancing their customer base.

Working in the Cloud

Cloud technology is the basis that allows infrastructure as a service to work. Through the magic of cloud technology, companies can collaborate to offer valuable telephony service to businesses looking to use VoIP communication. With one side building a brand and customer base while the other is handling the extensive IT commitment, the partnering companies depend on each other.

Customizing the Platform

With a diverse infrastructure, we offer a number of options to help resellers build their brand by conforming to the needs of each customer. All systems are available with a public or private IP.

Full Hosted PBX with dial tone –With the full-hosted environment, a reseller sets up a Private Label PBX using the infrastructure we built. The system offers a Bring Your Own Device program, meaning there are no restrictions for the SIP equipment. As part of the infrastructure, we can provide automated configuration capability.

Premise SIP System with dial tone – This option takes whatever system the customer has and creates a solution for them. The existing customer platform must accept native SIP. The reseller can establish and administer the service remotely under a Private Label PBX using a specially fashioned portal.

Legacy System with dial tone – This platform caters to customers who have an existing system that does not accept native SIP. That is the beauty of the partnership. The extensive infrastructure allows the reseller to establish their Private Label PBX with every customer regardless of the equipment. 

Our infrastructure with your brand means you build a Private Label PBX business without the startup fees associated with VoIP service. Working in the cloud allows us to establish an infrastructure that suits resellers. It is a win-win relationship for both companies.

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