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In nearly all businesses it is possible to observe a big corporate player taking advantage of small and medium sized businesses, simply because they have the resources to do so. This is not a new phenomenon, or one that is strictly limited to any one particular field—John D. Rockefeller employed violent and subversive tactics against his competitors to ensure he dominated the oil industry in the early twentieth century. Even in modern times, we have recently seen the domination of financial syndicates on Wall Street that made it relatively impossible for smaller financial agencies and service providers to compete.

This comparison extends itself into the voice over IP, and associated services industry. In the past, a clearly visible trend has been set wherein you were either an MSP or an Interconnect. As an MSP you would service the data aspect for a client, or as an Interconnect, the voice side, and then integrate those two services together. After you had done all of the work involved in providing such a service, you were then required to bring in a Tier one carrier who would merely provide a dial tone or internet connectivity for your client. As they already had the existing network and the resources to provide this internet connectivity, you were analogous to a child dependent upon a parent for things that you could not provide for yourself due to a lack of resources. This was a severely flawed business model as it limited your revenue stream because you were forced to wait a decade or more before your clients required your services again, and not just those of the Tier one carrier.

White Label VoIP is perhaps one of the most revolutionary players in this service industry. Their service allows you to become your own phone company. No more bringing in a Tier one carrier to provide a simple service that would require minimal effort if you only had the resources. Instead, you become in essence, a reseller of the White Label VoIP network which enables you to compete with, and out service, the industry giants who have been lax in their efforts for far too long. When you become a part of the White Label VoIP network, not only have you leveled the playing field relative to the industry giants, but you also have access to a myriad of special features that allow you to extend your newly found service equality into an advantage over the industry leaders. This advantage is extended to you primarily, although not exclusively, through White Label’s VoIP SIP Trunking capability which far outpaces the traditional dial tone provided by Tier one carriers in the past.

White Label VoIPWhite Label’s VoIP is a revolutionary reseller service, and a key tool providing small and medium sized businesses the ability to out-service the larger industry providers who have been providing a service at the expense of the former party for far too long. Instead of just handing off your business to the tier one carriers after putting all the essential work into a client, now you can generate recurring revenue through the use of White Label’s reseller program. Instead of handing off the most profitable aspect of this industry to somebody else due to a simple lack of resources, now you can take advantage of White Label’s network and generate a recurring revenue stream that not only adds capital to your business, but also increases equity appreciation that could prove invaluable if a potential sale arises later down the road.

By adding a private label VoIP solution through White Label VoIP, and becoming the carrier themselves, clients of White Label become key players in the VoIP industry. Instead of being beholden to larger tier one carriers to provide a service, you can generate not only the revenue from the integration of the voice and data aspects, but also the revenue from the recurring use of your re-seller network. As a carrier, you have access to a much more effective business model that increases the value of your company, widens your potential client pool due to the comprehensive nature of your service, and attracts more clients simply because you are a one stop comprehensive service provider.

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