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Data infrastructure has been significantly altered by the evolution of the internet. The pricing for complex data over the internet has shrunk as capabilities have increased over time, however, strangely, the costs of simple voice connection between consumers has not been significantly altered, even given the significantly small range of data that voice actually requires.

White Label Communications provides the opportunity to change that paradigm. White Label VoIP programs focus on the ability to remove the significant profit from the large scale providers. The Dial Tone Providers in traditional telephony have drawn the largest portion of the available profit, even as others, such as the Interconnect, did the majority of the difficult work.

VoIP, meanwhile, has change the market significantly. The reliance on dial tone providers has ceased, and now the heavy margins that companies such as Verizon or AT&T have reaped for years are available for smaller companies to earn themselves. It is here that White Label is able to make a competitive option in the telephony market.

White Label VoIPWhite Label VoIP Programs make it possible for a smaller business to bring themselves into the telephone service, and to provide voice connections between consumers, with revenue and a business model of maintaining customer relations and service. By using White Label VoIP programs, your company can become it’s own phone company, able to scale to suit your customers, and with large available profit margin.

In this business model, White Label supplies the system directly to the customer, giving a company direct control over the service that they are providing. This provides recurring revenue directly to the company who purchases into the system. Providing voice on a data connection saves money, and creates a revenue stream for the company to provide on their own, without needing to provide for a large infrastructure, and without intensive investment for what is already provided.

This presents a simple business plan available as an opportunity for anyone who wants to involve themselves in this system. Purchasing the service components is all that is needed, to set up valuable opportunities in providing voice services to a customer base, while leaving the difficult technical maintenance to White Label, and partnering in a combined solution platform.

There are two primary ways to become involved in this revenue stream.

First, a company could consider moving into Hosted PBX. This allows your company to provide a phone solution to your customers, while leaving advances in new features to White Label. There is little hardware management involved, and is easily scalable from anywhere from one to thousands of users. There are already existing customer help web portals, and there are unlimited software updates as provided from White Label Communications, at no extra cost.

The second way a company could get involved with White Label VoIP Programs is by becoming a PBX Service Reseller. Then, your company maintains it’s own customer base, providing services to the individual customers on the front end, while still partnering with the VoIP system provider, White Label. This means that savings can be passed onto the customer, providing telephone solutions that are cost-effective for the customer, yet still with high profit margins for the providing company. The company works as client development, as well as a sales team.

The differences between these options are many, but there is a solution that is right for your company in providing a rich revenue stream with high levels of technical support.
With either of these available options, a company can develop a regular revenue through providing customer service and sales directly to the customer, while avoiding the difficult technical maintenance and infrastructure development. If you think that your company could benefit from a partnership from White Label, contact White Label to discuss these opportunities.

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