White Label VoIP Is Not Cheaper, Its Better

Too many companies in the Voice over IP industry are turning to cheap sales gimmicks to develop business potential. The truth is a professional knows that VoIP sells itself by being the most flexible telephony platform out there. For resellers who sign on with White Label Communications, there is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. VoIP offers value with features that go beyond what is available from older, or higher priced, technology. White Label VoIP has everything a reseller needs to give customers the most up to date hardware. There is no reason to lower the price when the standards are this high.

White Label VoIPLet’s Talk about the Competition

Traditional TDM systems have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to communication platforms. TDM phone technology is old school but still floating around in some business venues. The systems looked fancy. Everyone in the office gets their own extension and a phone with lots of buttons to push. There is voice mail and some even offer advanced features like conferencing. Overall, TDM was high-tech for its time, but that time is over.

VoIP systems are friendly and user based. Companies looking to change an extension, for example, need only move the phone – not wait for a service call. That is a selling point in itself. Customers want more control over their communications then they get using old systems like the TDM.

Let’s Talk about Quality

Quality has been an issue in the past with some VoIP services. Certain companies had to discount their products because they were offering service that had limitations. This has been a holding point for VoIP. Customers wanted the same quality as they got from Public Switched Telephony Network. The problem is that traditional PSTN lines are narrowband. This limits their effectiveness with the current technology. These aging systems often distort on the analog side of the transmission.

VoIP has overcome their quality problems and now has more to offer than PSTN. VoIP service has the ability to extend bandwidth to enhance signals to improve the quality of the communication and avoid distortion.

The Advantages of VoIP

Resellers need to focus their marketing campaigns on the advantages VoIP offers small businesses – the proof is in the product.

Security – A VoIP platform is secure with the power of the Internet Protocol network.

Reliability – Continuity of service means that even after a disaster, customers using VoIP can communicate with their clients and employees. This includes advance services such as conference and video calls. This survivability means businesses with international customers and remote offices stay in communication. Reliability goes beyond just disaster recovery. With VoIP, incoming callers avoid that annoying busy signal. White Label VoIP service includes a feature known a dynamic line bursting. This means an increase in phone lines during peak hours.

Remote Service – PBX’s service begins and ends in the office. With the VoIP features, employees get the same functionality at home as they have in the office. Even mobile options are available for representatives on the road.  This translates to multi-site businesses, as well. No need for separate systems in each branch because every phone works via one central location.

Scalability – With VoIP service, businesses design their dream phone system. The features that come with the package are the ones they need, not grafted into the service. The business that needs only two lines in the morning has just two lines. If the graveyard shift calls for one, the system changes to accommodate that standard. VoIP puts the business in charge of their service.

Classic Features Plus – Businesses have access to voice mail, call forwarding and Caller ID. In addition, White Label VoIP offers cell phone support, location mobility and Auto Attendant for conference calls.

Marketing VoIP Service

VoIP is a competitive field, but White Label Communications offers resellers what they need to make money without giving away the profits. With proper marketing, resellers can boast about the features of the infrastructure that supports the systems they offer, so the product sells itself. White Label gives them a full range of service options, and the knowledge they need to establish their customer base.

Through the programs at White Label, VoIP service providers save on the cost of equipment. They can translate that savings to their customers without sacrificing. The VoIP platforms offer more than enough quality and service to help providers build their business with fair pricing and eloquent marketing.

VoIP is the most cost-effective telephony network out there with more features than ever before. Between the high technology and the quality infrastructure from White Label VoIP, all resellers have to do is make the connection for their customers.

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