The Best VoIP Reseller Control Panel

New Technologies continue to be created and with them come the opportunities to work smarter and more efficiently, to communicate quicker and more reliably, and most importantly to either save money or to be able to create new and improved revenue streams. VoIP has improved the way in which people communicate and allows the customer to communicate through their existing internet connection at little if any additional cost. 

VoIP ResellerThe advantages of VoIP do not stop at the consumer; at the business end of the service, it is possible to supply VoIP services and increase revenue streams without having to develop, service, or purchase the associated hardware. By becoming a VoIP reseller, a business can attract customers to their brand while having the support and hardware already in place. When choosing a company to partner with, it is, however, crucial to ensure that they have the best information, structures and hardware to make it a success. 

Provisioning of Phone Numbers 

A VoIP reseller needs access to phone numbers and will need to be able to access them quickly. White Label Communications can provide their private label partners with access to 500,000 phone numbers in over 6,000 areas. They are capable of obtaining DID’s within 24 hours for most areas, providing business partners with  instant access to already established network without any additional investment. 

Invoicing, Billing and Reporting 

When setting up a new business there is a great deal to think about, and becoming a VoIP reseller is no different. Working with business partner that provides a reliable VoIP reseller control panel can take some of these pressures off, essentially allowing a good start with the ability to concentrate on the customer and the services they require. White Label Communications offer a range of crucial, complementary services that aid with payments and invoicing. All aspects of invoicing and billing can be created and maintained through the business portal, and there is a fully automated customized billing service. This means that the VoIP reseller is able to choose their billing service, their payment methods, and access on demand reporting. 

Features and Functionality

When choosing a company to work with the VoIP reseller should be looking for the best possible service for their money. The company they choose needs to offer an amazing range of features that allow the reseller to customize their service and meet the needs of their customers. White Label Communications provide everything a VoIP reseller needs to enhance and grow their business: 

  • Auto attendants – this includes a web based user interface that assists the user in keeping track of records, bills, voicemail, and hold music. It allows the VoIP reseller to select options from their keypad, route calls to extensions and conferences or set up call queues. 
  • Call management – allows calls to be held, transferred, or forwarded; the hardware and knowledge is provided by White Label Communication so that the reseller can concentrate on the customer rather than extensive set up and monitoring. 
  • Call conferencing – including password protected systems to maintain security and peace of mind for the end user. 
  • Reporting – allows the reseller to monitor the system, call patterns and trends, and all invoicing and billing; saving time and expense at a time when every cent counts. 

Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking Services

White Label Communications provides choice and a service that meets the need of each reseller and their range of end users.  Hosted PBX is an excellent solution as it has a superb set of startup features and is regularly updated with new features that allow the reseller to set themselves apart from the competition. SIP Trunking provides the reseller and their customers with increased reliability and hardware, to be able to keep running during unexpected service interruptions. It enables users to exceed their usual number of call paths at busy periods so that end users never receive a busy signal. The system also provides mobile connectivity allowing employees to work remotely using company numbers and lines. 

Providing Ongoing Support

The watchword of White Label Communications is support. The hardware, engineering, and expertise they provide support the VoIP reseller and in turn assist them in supporting their end users. The system is streamlined, up to date, technically sound and efficient; allowing resellers to improve revenues as well as customer satisfaction and retention.

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