How Unified Communications Improves Office Efficiency

Unified CommunicationsWhen it comes to business, nothing is more important than communication. Without direct clear and easy communication a client is more likely to leave a business or seek out a competitor simply because their questions and concerns are easily answered by the other corporation. Communication isn’t just for external use though, as impeccable internal communication allows for increased productivity, better access to necessary files and a reduction in time spent trying to track down different employees. Unified communications ensures an improvement in office efficiency in a variety of ways, all of which allow the company to improve its ability to service its customers.

Reduction in Communication Time

When it comes to inner office communication, many businesses rely on outdated email systems and even internal instant messaging. These options work, to an extent, but there are times where actual voice communication is necessary. With the outdated services, voice communication is not always possible, requiring one individual to walk across the office and request the needed information or other data. Having the employee away from their desk reduces productivity not only for the person out of their seat, but also the person who is left helping them locate the required data files and content. With a unified communications system, it is possible for employees to contact one another over the phone line, when necessary, all while staying at their desk and continually working. Increasing productivity allows a business to run more efficiently, complete more tasks and improve customer satisfaction. All of times comes due to a decrease in the time it takes to communicate inside the office.

External Office Communication

It isn’t always possible for all employees to be in house at all times. Whether the individual is sick or is out traveling for business, there are times where a person is just not capable of being in the office. However, business doesn’t stop just because the individual is out of the office. In a traditional setting, the business must wait for the employe to return to work, reducing productivity and delaying a variety of tasks and services. A complete unified communications network integrated into the office is able to correct this issue though. Through the assistance of a PBX phone system, it is possible to install necessary applications onto smart phones, allowing the user to call through the office network and stay connected to the business, no matter where in the world they are. This also allows the office to easily contact them, so the unified communications system still allows for easy access to employees. It isn’t always possible for all employees to be at work, but this doesn’t mean the company should suffer due to the lack of an individual’s presence. With a completely unified communications network, the office is able to increase productivity, regardless of where employees are presently located. 

Cut Costs and Invest

Traditional phone systems are rather expensive to run and maintain. When using a phone company, multiple lines are usually necessary, driving up the price. Plus, most additional features and services add onto the price, requiring the business to remove funding form other areas around the corporation and invest it into the phone system. With a unified PBX phone system though, is it possible for the company to drastically cut costs on the communications aspect of the business, all while improving quality. With a VoIP system, no longer is it necessary to maintain a phone line, and most additional features come at little to no additional costs. On top of this, with the ability to communicate and stay connected to employees not presently inside the office, productivity stays at a maximum level. The money saved by switching from a traditional phone service allows the business managers and owners to reinvest the money into other areas of the company. This way, should an impotent need come up, the business is able to increase the functionality and productivity of other aspects of its provided services, which helps improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Maintaining a unified communications service in all areas of a business is very important. Strong communication is necessary to not only maintain clients but satisfy the customer’s needs. Without strong communication systems in place, the client is more likely to switch to a competitor, due to its ability to assist with their questions and concerns. The unified communications service not only increases the level of access to external customers, but also internally between employees.  UC allows for more efficient methods of sharing information, without requiring the employees to leave their desks and conduct interactions with other workers in person. Additionally, the ability to stay on contact with employees outside of the office, either at home or on business trips, helps ensure the company doesn’t slow down due to an employees absence.


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