Reselling Hosted PBX – Out with the Old, In with the New

reselling hosted PBXThe time that both small and mid-sized businesses have been waiting for is finally here. The time to say goodbye to the old-fashioned, traditional phone system that’s been utilized by so many for so long, and hello to the new and exciting PBX phone systems that are now replacing them has arrived. The costs associated with having a high-tech phone system are coming down so they are now affordable for just about any business that wants to take advantage of this new telephony that so far only the big businesses could afford. 

Now, the option for any business to be able to utilize all the many benefits that a high-tech PBX phone system can offer them is finally here. No longer is there a need for a business to invest in all the start-up costs associated with new telephony, which is really great news for both small and mid-sized businesses. The good news for resellers is that reselling hosted PBX is a great choice right now as many businesses are actively searching for the right reseller to host their PBX phone services.

VoIP Technology

PBX phone services were made using VoIP technology. Voice over Internet Protocol has not only arrived, it’s here to stay.  The traditional landline telephone system is slowly being phased out now that VoIP technology is here.  Although VoIP technology has been around for many years now it was only the big businesses that could afford this new high-tech telephony.  Now that new advances have been made to PBX phone systems, any business that wants to take advantage of all the benefits that this phone system technology can offer them, can.

Costs are Coming Down

Because costs are coming down it’s the small and mid-sized businesses that can now afford to use this new telephone technology.  And because there’s more than one option to choose from, these businesses are able to pick and choose the PBX phone system that’s best for their particular company.

A PBX phone system is going to benefit any company due to its ability to make the company run more efficiently.

Traditional Phone Systems

Traditional phone systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Because new telephony services are becoming more affordable for everyone, traditional phone systems are quickly making their way out the door, making way for the new voice over internet protocol phone systems that are quickly becoming the norm.

Hosted PBX

A hosted private branch exchange is one of the newest developments stemming from VoIP technology. Hosted PBX is a great way for businesses to afford this high-tech telephony and without having to invest in a lot of upfront costs.  Because the private branch exchange phone system is hosted, there’s no need for you as a reseller to invest in all the equipment necessary to host an entire  phone system. We have all the equipment you need, and as a reseller who wants to offer their customers the best in PBX phone system, that’s great news.

Why Reselling Hosted PBX is a Great Idea

Reselling hosted PBX is a great idea because PBX phone systems are able to make any small or mid-sized business become more efficient, which simply put is going to save them money. The many benefits that come with having a PBX phone system are seen as a definitive advantage when it comes to finding more cost efficient ways to run a business.

According to recent reports, one of the most popular and utilized benefits is the ability for employees to access their voicemail and even make phone calls as if they were at the office when they are actually out on the go. Having an affordable phone system that will improve a business’s everyday operations is necessary these days. The bottom line is the PBX phone system can do everything in traditional phone system can do and more, while helping a business run more efficiently.



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