Turnkey Cloud PBX Systems – 3 Reasons Why Businesses Choose The Cloud

Turnkey Cloud PBX SystemsNew technological innovations have once again brought the way businesses communicate to a whole new level. As a phone services reseller, it’s your job to keep up with all the latest in turnkey phone service systems. One of the latest offerings to both small and medium-sized businesses includes cloud PBX Systems. These phone services systems are proving to be quite the popular choice these days, which is mainly due to the fact that they are highly affordable while offering the newest in telephony technology.

Turnkey Cloud PBX Systems

A cloud PBX phone services system is not only going to offer a business lots of benefits that will allow it to run more efficiently, cloud PBX systems are also extremely affordable these days. Especially when compared to the high-end PBX phone services systems that were initially offered, which only the big businesses could afford to incorporate into their business.

A cloud PBX phone services system is similar to a traditional PBX system except that it doesn’t use any physical wires to connect the phone calls. When utilizing a cloud PBX phone system, a business doesn’t have to have any hardware installed on the premises.  Instead, a cloud PBX phone system will use the internet to connect the phone calls.

This high-tech telephony technology is known as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and every day that goes by is witness to new technological advancements in VoIP technology.

VoIP Technology

The latest in VoIP technology has made it so that these PBX phone service systems are now not only more affordable so that both small and mid-sized businesses can now afford to utilize them, they are also more reliable and offer more features making turnkey cloud PBX systems highly beneficial for any business.

The latest research shows that more and more businesses are utilizing cloud PBX Systems, which stem from VoIP technology. Even experts are saying that cloud PBX phone service systems are the top choice right now for both small and medium-sized businesses who are looking for both portable and high-tech phone services.

Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing The Cloud

The following are the top three reasons why both small and medium-sized businesses are choosing the cloud when it comes to opting for the best possible phone service for their company. Knowing these reasons as a reseller is going to help you figure out how to best manage and integrate selling PBX cloud phone services into your current lineup of services offered.

1.  Affordability.  Simply put, a cloud PBX phone services system is going to be cheaper than a traditional PBX phone services system. The main reason why a cloud PBX System is going to be more affordable is because the phone calls are now being made over the internet, which is cheaper compared to managing traditional phone calling lines. A business is also able to choose how many extensions they need; the less extensions, the less the cost. And the fact that there is no need for on-site hardware brings the cost down even more.

2.  Scalable Extensions.  A company that has variable extensions is going to benefit from a cloud PBX phone services system. Traditional PBX phone systems require physical wires, so any time a move or a change needs to be made an expert in the area would have to come and make these necessary changes in person. Now these changes can be made online, by someone who’s qualified to do so.

3.  Rote Possibility’s. One of the things a business likes best about cloud PBX phone services is that it gives them the ability to call into the office to retrieve any messages from anywhere they happen to be at that particular time (as long as there’s an Internet connection). This extreme convenience is able to save employees lots of time, leading to more efficiency.

Resellers – Now is the Time!

Both small and mid-sized businesses are now able to enjoy the high-tech phone system they’ve been waiting for for so long, and at completely affordable rates. Now is the time for you as a reseller to add this white label value-adding service to your reselling business!


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