Reselling Cloud VoIP – Addressing Top Customer Concerns

Reselling Cloud VoIPLots of resellers are looking into reselling Cloud VoIP services these days. Why? Because high-technology phone services are now available at an affordable cost. This means that any-sized business can now afford the luxury of incorporating a top-notch business communication system into their company, which is going to allow for more efficiency.  Since efficiency is one of every business’ goals, more and more businesses are actively seeking out which of the many new Cloud VoIP services are right for their particular business.

Reselling Cloud VoIP

Research shows that nearly 4 out of 5 businesses are ready to make the switch from old to new. Businesses that still have older communication systems are excited to learn that this new form of telephony is now an option for them. This is due to the costs of a new telephony system coming down considerably in the past few years.

Many people are predicting that by the year 2015, VoIP phone technology services will be considered ‘the usual’ when it comes to a small or medium-sized business’ communications system. Cloud VoIP services will be the leader when it comes to what the big businesses are choosing for their business communication system.

What Exactly does The Cloud Mean?

Basically, the cloud is a virtual space to keep data. Instead of storing files on a hard drive, files are stored in a ‘virtual cloud’. These files can be accessed from anywhere one happens to be at any given moment as long as they have an internet access. Because this information is stored virtually, there’s a concern to how safe this information is when it’s stored in the Cloud.

Addressing Top Customer Concerns

Since the number one concern for all businesses when it comes to signing up with new VoIP technology phone services are security-related issues, there’s a definite need to address these concerns. Lots of cutting-edge businesses are looking to use the Cloud to manage their everyday operations because they want to take advantage of this new technology, and use it with a goal of helping their business run much more efficiently.

When a business is first looking for a reseller to provide them with the best business phone system communication technology possible, they’re more than likely going to follow a few preset guidelines to make sure that they’re dealing with the best Cloud VoIP reseller who can provide them with the best service possible.

What Customers Want to Know About You as a Reseller

First of all, potential customers are going to want to know if your security standards are appropriate, and will do the required research in order to find out if your reselling business has a good reputation. Because more and more resellers are choosing to sell cloud VoIP phone services, there’s more and more reselling businesses from which to choose from. This makes it necessary for you to do everything in your power to make future customers choose you!

Although security measures are the first concern, potential customers are also going to want to know how much data you will be storing for them, and how much this will cost. They will want to know if your data is encrypted when it’s being uploaded, downloaded or stored in the cloud. Because some cloud folders are shared, potential customers want to understand the details of how this works. Lastly, potential customers want to know what their options are if the Cloud is hacked into or any data is lost.

As long as you’re prepared to offer your potential customers the information they want and need to make a smart purchasing decision, you’re going to end up at the top their list.

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