Reselling Hosted PBX? Explaining the Advantages to a Business

Reselling Hosted PBXPeople predicted more than five years ago that hosted PBX phone systems we’re going to be the most utilized business communication system in the business arena. The business community was very excited about the advent of this new PBX telephony that would soon replace the traditional landline phone system that had been serving so many businesses for so many years now. That’s why it’s a little surprising to read the research that tells us that only about 20% of businesses have actually incorporated a hosted communications solution into their company as of today.

Although the incorporation of hosted PBX phone systems into both small and medium-sized businesses hasn’t been occurring as fast as previously thought, prediction’s show that unified communications is indeed a quickly growing market. Updated predictions now show that within the next few years, the unified business communications market will grow to become a nearly a $400 billion dollar market. Impressive.

Unified Communications

Since only about 1 in 5 businesses have actually taken the initiative to adopt a hosted business communications system into their company, it’s important to look at the reason as to why this is. Since the costs associated with incorporating a hosted business communication phone system into a business have lowered considerably making it much more affordable these days, more and more small businesses have been signing up.

This leads us to believe that simply not having a good understanding of how beneficial a hosted PBX business communications system can have on a company is the main reason why more business haven’t signed up for an updated telephone system.

Explaining the Advantages

In order for resellers to be a part of the high-tech telephony market, they’re going to need to know how to explain all of the advantages that a hosted PBX system can offer a business. Running a business takes a lot of time and effort, and often times there simply isn’t a lot of time for a business owner to look into all of the benefits that incorporating a new telephone system can do for them, so it keeps getting put off. The job of a reseller is to explain the many advantages that a new telephone system can do for their particular company, and in an easy to understand way that highlights the benefits they’ll be receiving.

The following is a short list of advantages from which you can work from to let potential customers know why they should upgrade to a hosted PBX phone system.

High quality.


Lower TCO.

Enhanced Cash Flow.

Future Proof Technology.

Every business surely wants to understand any and all of the advantages available to them when they upgrade to a hosted PBX phone system. And that’s why it’s important for resellers to help them understand the many benefits that will come when they decide to upgrade from their currently outdated traditional landline system.

Reselling Hosted PBX

Right now is a great time for reselling hosted PBX telephone systems. Lots of businesses (especially small) are beginning to understand that there’s a need for them to incorporate every advantage they can into their company in order to be/stay competitive in today’s highly competitive business world. When any business comes to you for hosted PBX information, it’s essential that you help them see the many immediate advantages to be had as well as the big picture.

Sooner or later, everyone in the business world is going to be using new telephony technology, making now the time to help both small and medium-sized businesses make the decision to switch over to a hosted PBX phone system.

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