Reselling VoIP – Best Tips for Success

Reselling VoIPEvery day that goes by is witness to more and more businesses signing up to receive new high-tech VoIP telephony services. And rightly so. The costs associated with integrating this high technology telephone system into a business have lowered in price making it so that any business can now reap the many benefits that VoIP telephone services can offer them. So this is quite the exciting time for all those businesses that have been waiting for the cost of VoIP services to become more affordable!

Now, when a business makes the choice to sign up for these new high-tech VoIP telephony services, they’re putting a lot of trust in the VoIP reseller they must choose to partner up with. They’re going to have a lot of questions and are going to expect to get the answers they want and need from the reseller in order to make the right telephone service choices for their particular company.

Reselling VoIP

Lots of resellers are choosing to resell VoIP telephone services right now because the market for high-tech telephony is hot! In fact, all of the businesses that can now afford to integrate a VoIP telephone system into their company are actively looking into all of the new telephony options that are now available so that they can make their business run more efficiently.

Because VoIP technology is going to be new to so many businesses, it’s really important that the VoIP reseller they choose to partner up with knows anything and everything there is to know about VoIP technology. Although reselling VoIP telephone services isn’t a very difficult thing to do, there is a lot to know. And a variety of questions will be asked, and can range anywhere from the very simple to the very technical.

Best Tips for Success

As more and more businesses are signing up for new VoIP telephone services, we’re learning more about what’s needed for a smooth transition. The following are some tips that will help guarantee a smooth transition from an old landline system to a new VoIP telephone system.

  • Audit. First things first, start off by assessing any and all current technology being used. This includes network architecture, cabling infrastructure, security requirements overview and more.
  • Bandwidth. It’s important to make sure any bandwidth requirements are met in order to accommodate the number of telephone calls coming in. Compressing voice calls is fine, with a 2 to 1 compression considered acceptable.
  • Network Visibility. In order to increase network visibility, using a variety of combined network management tools is necessary to properly manage performance.
  • Voice vs. Data. New high-tech VoIP technology places a lot of emphasis on voice quality, which means it’s important to understand that more of an emphasis is going to be placed on voice quality vs. company data.

Good to Know

Some businesses seem to think that signing up with more than one VoIP provider will somehow give them better service. It doesn’t. Although signing up with more than one VoIP provider may seem like a good idea at the time, it’s really important to have only one VoIP provider. If anything, signing up with more than one VoIP provider is going to cause confusion. This is why it’s critical for every business to perform the necessary research so they can make sure that they’ve chosen the right VoIP service provider for their particular company.

We here at White Label Communications place all of our emphasis on supporting the reseller. We are proud to say that we are able to provide anything and everything a reseller may need so that they can have the success they’ve always envisioned for their reselling business.

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