New Features for Click2Call

White Label Communications is excited to announce a unique feature to our Click2Call plugin. Click2Call allows users to click to phone numbers anywhere in Google Chrome which rings the device of their choice. As of June 1, 2022, you can now change the outbound phone number and add a prefix.

How Click2Call Works

Click2Call simplifies calling procedures by reducing dialing time, wrong numbers, and duplicated calls. To start a call with Click2Call, click a phone number that appears in your browser. Clicking the number will activate your device of choice (desk phone, webphone, cell phone, etc.). Once you answer your device, the phone number you clicked will start to ring.

Click2Call now includes the ability to change the phone number that will be making the outbound call and the option to precede each call with a prefix.

Changing the Outbound Phone Number (DID)

Previously, changing the phone number associated with a user’s Click2Call plugin required signing into the reseller portal and updating the number on that device user’s page each time the number needed to be switched.

As of today, you can now assign the outbound number from Click2Call. Any phone numbers that are available on the device user’s page will be available in the plugin.

If you own multiple phone numbers (DIDs) and want to present those phone numbers dynamically as an outbound caller ID, then this feature will be very attractive to you.

Adding a Prefix

Prefixes provide extra flexibility within your system. Click2Call now allows you to take advantage of that flexibility using the new prefix feature. By entering the wanted prefix in the “Prefix” field, every call made by a Click2Call plugin will automatically include that prefix when dialing a clicked phone number.

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