SIP Proxy Outage? Not Here. White Label’s Blueprint for Uninterrupted SIP Registration

One of our competitors recently experienced a significant SIP Proxy outage impacting approximately 18% of their endpoints, disrupting businesses and communications. Their prescribed resolution to their Resellers was, “…this can be corrected by Logging into the customer and changing the registration from SIP PROXY to the ACCESS SBCs.  A reboot of the phones will be needed to restore the registration traffic…”

This incident brings to light a critical element required by any and all private label providers – infrastructure that is redundant and resilient.  In the world of telecommunications, reliability isn’t just a feature—it’s the cornerstone of trust between a provider and its customers.  At White Label Communications, we understand this better than anyone. Our unwavering commitment to reliability is not just a promise; it’s a proven track record.

While technology can be unpredictable, our advanced infrastructure is designed to handle such uncertainties. Our SIP Session Border Controllers (SBCs), which manage SIP registrations, are susceptible to failures just like any technological component. However, unlike our competitors, our network is engineered to handle these events seamlessly. In instances where our SBCs encounter issues, our resellers and customers remained blissfully unaware of any problem(s).  More specifically, this means that in the event of a SIP Proxy issueour Partners are never required to change DNS registration and reboot phones to restore services to their customers.

At White Label Communications, we operate a state-of-the-art, active-active-active platform across five data centers, including three geo-redundant SIP/VoIP data centers in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Grand Rapids, and two application data centers hosted by Rackspace and Amazon. This robust setup ensures that our services remain operational even when technology fails – we all recognize technology is not immune to problems…it’s just that some infrastructures are more problematic and vulnerable when issues arise, than others :).

A key component of our robust platform is the use of DNS SRV records, enabling our devices to be aware of all our SBCs in every data center. This means that our customers are not limited to a single server in a single location. They have the flexibility to register their devices automatically on any SBC in any of our data centers. Moreover, we partner with leading DNS providers NS1 and Cloudflare, further enhancing our network’s resilience. This dual-provider approach is a rarity in the industry, where most service providers depend on a single DNS provider, or worse yet, manage DNS in-house.

Our investment in infrastructure and redundancy has paid off, enabling us to boast a remarkable and consistent 99.999% uptime. This level of reliability is not just a statistic; it’s a testament to our commitment to our Partners.

In contrast to our competitors who seem to consistently struggle with infrastructure challenges, our proactive approach to network design ensures that our customers never have to worry about outages or manual interventions to restore services. The recent outage out competitor experienced underscores the importance of having a truly redundant and resilient infrastructure, something White Label Communications has prioritized since our inception 14 years ago.

In conclusion, the difference in service reliability between White Label Communications and our competitors is stark. Our advanced, geographically, and virtually redundant infrastructure, along with our partnership with top-tier DNS providers, ensures that our customers enjoy uninterrupted service, no matter the circumstances. We encourage our partners to continue promoting the reliability of our services to their customers and prospects, confident in the knowledge that behind them stands a telecommunications network designed for unwavering reliability.

For any further inquiries or details about our infrastructure, please feel free to reach out to our sales team or if you are an existing Partner please contact your Partner Advocate or our Support Organization. We are always here to assist and ensure that your communications needs are met with the highest standards of reliability and excellence.

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