White Label Communications and ConnectWise

When evaluating Private Label UCaaS providers it’s important to thoroughly consider how you’re going to handle billing/invoicing. Obviously you are invoicing your customers today, so your UCaaS Partner should make invoicing 1) easy, 2) seamless, 3) free of charge and 4) effortlessly integrate with your existing billing methodology. White Label addresses all four (4) of these goals. White Label’s partners take advantage of our completely integrated billing system (not a 3rd party billing application) as well as our Billing APIs if/when required. Additionally, our Partners can invoice for ANY MRC and NRC items they would like to add through our integrated billing platform. And because we’ve already built the integration with ConnectWise using our APIs, ConnectWise customers need not look any further!

On that note, what is White Label’s ConnectWise Integration?

ConnectWise users can utilize our integration with ConnectWise to sell, manage, provision, invoice, and even deliver private label UCaaS and SIP Trunking services without ever having to leave the ConnectWise interface.

You read that correctly, yes, you can utilize ConnectWise to do what ConnectWise does best, billing, but you can also manage everything UCaaS through the same application.  This means:

  • Invoice your customers through ConnectWise
  • Two-way account/customer sync
  • Two way product/item sync
  • Single click account creation or mapping
  • Device and user set up
  • SIP trunk set up
  • Much, much more!

For more information regarding our Billing APIs and ConnectWise integration, including a video and screenshots, please visit our website: https://www.whitelabelcomm.com/connectwise-integration/

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