Why is Unified Communications Important?

Unified communications (UC) can be defined simply as the centralization of communication features integrated into a user-based application. Unified communications generally feature sets like chat, voice, video, presence, voicemail, call center, etc.

UC applications weren’t all the rage as recent as 2 years ago. Yes, some companies did utilize these feature sets and some have for many years, but UC wasn’t as widely known as it is today.

Why is that?

Most companies were using traditional VoIP systems and feature sets, not as robust as what’s offered now. Others were running, and still do run, on legacy systems that do not have any UC feature sets or those enjoyed with a traditional VoIP system.

The end-users have these companies didn’t have much of a need for it, so it wasn’t demanded. Since end-users weren’t demanding features like UC, their companies weren’t providing them, and since companies weren’t providing them, most providers weren’t developing and offering them.

What changed?

The COVID-19 pandemic. March of 2020 is when the business landscape changed drastically, and in some cases, changed it forever. Companies had to move overnight to a 100% remote business operation, some had solutions in place, while others had none.

Those that had no solutions had to scramble to find solutions to enable remote work. They would call MSPs, IT companies, VoIP providers, and whomever else they could find to buy solutions. This would happen on a global scale and would usher in a new era of unified communications.

So why is UC important?

The pandemic showed the business world why UC was so important to have. You need to have a platform that offers robust unified communications, because you never know when you’ll need it the most, and when you do know, it may be too late.

UC isn’t just for remote work, not at all, UC can be efficiently utilized in the office. UC offers such a wide range of communication tools that make collaboration and day-to-day business operations much more efficient.

Utilizing features like chat, real-time presence groups, call center features, a digital company directory, and call recordings can go a long way into improving the life of the end-user and business operations as a whole.

What does White Label offer?

White Label Communications provides our partners with an outstanding unified communications product. Our UC application included communications tools and features, and also includes productivity tools as well.

White Label was an early player in the world of UC, as we released our application in 2018. We take great pride in offering our partners a quality voice over IP platform, and we take equal pride in our UC offering as well.

We are constantly adding to and improving our UC application and listening to our partners on what feature sets and updates they’d like to see.

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