Still Working Remote? We Have The Solutions

remoteworkIt’s been over a year since the world changed drastically. Almost overnight, we saw a shift from normal day-to-day business operations to a complete work-from-home, virtual model.

Businesses were frantic in setting up their employees with solutions to keep them connected during this time. Some had the solutions they needed already in place, some had to go out and buy the first solutions they came across, and others had to call around and find the solutions right for them.

Voice and unified communications companies as a whole were at the forefront of this business shift, and still are today. Certain solutions, such as unified communications clients, weren’t all that popular before the pandemic, but companies such as White Label Communications were already heavily invested in unified communications app.


In 2018 White Label Communications released our Unified Communications client. The client evolved from standard chat features, call recording, and call history to providing features like presence groups, softphone, and call center consoles.

See a full list of our Unified Communications features here:

  • Chat
  • Softphone
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voicemail w/transcription
  • Call Center Console
  • Call Recordings
  • Call History
  • Company Directory
  • Realtime Presence Groups
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes

We provide our partners the ability to provide their customers with solutions to enable them to be 100% work-from-home capable. Our partners end-users can go from their office to their home and stay connected as if they never left the office.

We understand what end-users need to stay connected and continue their day-to-day business operations from a remote environment, and that’s why we continue to strive to develop new and improve existing solutions to tailor to remote worker needs.

Partners and end-users can use our Unified Communications client through the web-browser, on a desktop app, or through a mobile app.

Our Unified Communications client isn’t the only remote solution we offer to our partners however. Our partners are also able to provide their customers with a mobile application for calling and SMS.


Our proprietary mobile application, NimbusPhone, enables end-users to call through our hosted PBX from anywhere, as long as you are connected through data or the Internet.

You will be able to call using your office/company phone number, when people call your office number, and you’re using your Nimbus app, the call will ring directly to your smartphone.

See a full list of NimbusPhone features here:

  • Make outbound calls from your mobile device as if you were at your desk, showing your company telephone number as the outbound caller ID.
  • Receive inbound calls by extension number or business telephone number directly on your mobile app.
  • Voicemail playback.
  • Configure your Device Users Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) settings.
  • Make adjustments to your FMFM Time of Day schedule.
  • Browse your internal company directly with single-click calling.
  • Access Contacts from your mobile device.
  • Speed Dial (QuickDial)
  • SMS. Send/receive text messages from your business DID.
  • See real-time user presence to see if other users are on or off phone calls.

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic began, we at White Label Communications have made unified communications and mobile solutions a priority in our offerings.

We understood the business landscape of the 21st century, and our partners were able to take full advantage of our robust remote solutions to keep their customers connected at home during this unprecedented time in world history.

Give us a call today at 855-952-8647 and select the sales option, or request a demo through our website to learn more and get started today!

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